How do we think Monzo can improve the chat experience?

It’s become increasingly obvious that a lot of people (e.g. here) who have problems end up then coming to the community because they have assumed the chat feature is a ‘live chat’ one and thus expect an instant (or at least pretty immediate) response which the system isn’t set up for.

If Monzo were to tweak this feature, what would your ideas for improvement be?

For me, in the short term, I’d look to make it much clearer that the service isn’t ‘live’ and that wait times could be longer, possibly also building in some way of sending people towards emailing if they haven’t had a response within a certain number of hours.

In the longer term, I would like a redesign that made it appear less chat-like and more like a email/message service.

But what do you think?

Email is a much longer queue than in app chat, it can be days for a reply

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Thank you for that information.

Do you think that such a wait time for either chat or email fits well with Monzo’s ‘talk to someone 24/7’ approach?

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Waiting times has been discussed elsewhere, so there’s no need to discuss it here again, but inapp chat is the primary support so people only need to use email if they can’t access chat for some reason

I personally don’t think there is an issue when waiting for replies from standard COps, there is only ever an issue why you get referred, and now they’ve made it so they don’t see your messages until a specialist replies means you can’t raise more than one issue.

I personally would like to see them move back to a conversation multi thread chat. Separate chats for separate issues, or come up with a solution to the waiting for a specialist issue. I’ve been waiting 5 days now for a specialist, can’t raise another issue in the mean time, It’s a bit silly.


At the risk of stating the obvious, I think they should simply work to make the CS instant (or as near to instant as it can be).

Remember the days when “I was on hold for a full ten minutes with Nationwide” was considered absolutely criminal by virtually everyone who was asked for their opinion?

Right now, it feels (and I say that with absolutely zero inside knowledge on the situation, and purely as an observer), that Monzo are really holding off on bolstering their CS team, because it costs a fair bit of money.

The less money they spend on CS, the more profitable the business looks to potential investors, and they are hoping that the long wait times don’t affect everyone (again, said with zero knowledge, so take it with a pinch of salt).

Quite simply, as a customer, I’d much rather there be too many CS staff, than not enough - Obviously as a business, it’s a very hard balance to find, but the growth is pretty steady, so it should be possible to work it out.

So yeah… Don’t improve the chat experience, simply get more staff to cater for more customers.


So… what would you suggest to improve the experience?

Nothing really. It works fine when there are enough staff for the amount of queries.


It’s just a matter of time now while they fast track new staff to get back on top of it all.

No need to reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:

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In other words, your improvement would be to have enough staff. Would that be enough for it to be near instant/live?

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Wonder how many staff they are actually recruiting.

It used to be pretty quick, within 10 minutes if I remember correctly. I don’t think they’re aiming for live - that is a common misconception.

They’ve said as many as they can.

I think that would be a lot more acceptable than the current situation.

Anyway, back on topic.

I’m with Octopus for energy and I quite like that their messaging system kind of mirrors emails to them, so you can see any emails on their messaging page. Wonder if Monzo could learn something from this about bringing all messages into a common area.

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When Monzo had fewer than a million customers and using Intercom the chat was pretty much instant, and you’d have one chat OP who stayed connected until resolved or kept you up to date if it did have to be escalated. Chats could be closed by the customer and given a rating. Each chat being conversation separated so it’s easier to follow and reference, rather than the endless wall in the crappy version Monzo built.

Monzo have had insane amounts of growth and have been constantly recruiting. The issue now is the new recruits don’t appear to have the same passion and Monzo vision as the initial crew, a huge amount are remote and feels like they are doing just a job for cash rather than any emotion. Want to earn cash from home adverts. This leads to the feeling they have been given a laminated A4 card with the most basic questions and if it’s not on there then escalate because they either don’t know, don’t care or don’t have access or permission to resolve.

What’s also happened is way too many chat OPs getting involved due to the delay between responses and ending their shift. I’ve had close to twenty different chat staff on one conversation, and of course they didn’t both to read what the previous chat OPs had covered.

Better tiered knowledge and permission, better communication when there is a known delay so the customer doesn’t feel ignored, not having a reply for a week is crap, rebuild the chat system like Intercom.


First off I think think the recent outdoor campaign that referenced “24/7 support” perhaps overstated the availability and nature of support - I can’t see that type of message online - but first I’d reconsider how the messaging around support availability is shared; 24/7 is irrelevant if I have to wait 4+ hours for a response anyway.

In terms of the process of support itself; most of the issues I’ve had it’s not been problematic to have the slow dialogue, but what annoys me is…

Robot: Tell me your problem
Me: [detail]
Robot: Here are some irrelevant help articles, any use?
Me: No, Chat to a person
Robot: What about these problems? Any of these true?
Me: Still no…
[some time later.jpg]
Monzo Staff 1: Hey, sorry, let me read up things.
Monzo Staff 1: Ok so can youe explain [topic detailed in first message]
Me, 8 hours later because I was asleep: Here’s some detail.
Monzo Staff 2, more time later: [response]

That seems to be the pattern I get whenever I’ve needed anything slightly nuanced. Robot, Wait for person 1, wait again because I was asleep, Get Person 2 and some time after that it’s resolved.

Worse is when you have to reexplain your points, or your messages get hopped around from various specialists with no updates. (Which for complicated points on the app isn’t fun typing out long things)

Finally, I wish there were a web app interface I could connect to Help through. Mostly as explaining things via the interface of a tiny keyboard isn’t super convenient.


A few simple things could ease frustrations by better managing expectations (most of which are presumed by the user I think).

  1. Rename it from ‘Chat’ to ‘Message’.
    Chat automatically brings comparison with other live style messaging systems, something like ‘Message’ (maybe not THE best choice I admit) removes some of the presumption that this will be an instant form of communication, given that, even at maximum staff capacity there may still be a gap between responses.

  2. Let the user close the conversation and mark it as ‘done’.
    This should allow users to better understand when a topic is dealt with to their satisfaction.

  3. Sync the entire flow across all communication channels.
    Nowhere in the ‘chat’ flow do I get the suggestion to email Monzo, or call them. Both of which are valid options depending on the urgency of my query. My own queries have been non-urgent so I’d have been as well emailing them, so let me do that from inside the app.


The other problem is we have had these “How do we think Monzo can improve the chat experience?” and “I haven’t had any reply for four days threads” what feels like almost daily for the last year or so.

I think @simonb mentioned that Monzo had noted the concerns and do lurk these forums to hoover up replies and general attitude. What I haven’t seen is anything from Monzo to acknowledge there are issues, what’s already been done, what they are doing, how they see they can fix and improve it. The answer not just being recruit more staff, through that’s obviously one part of it. The chat needs a whole new solution, they need to have more tiers of knowledge and permission so it isn’t going receptionist > brain surgeon. They need a better way to monitor and feedback in passing replies between monzo staff and relaying back to the customer. It needs to go back to a way of opening new issues in separate threads, I could have a trivial issue and an extremely time-sensitive issue like buying a house and they are treated the same at the moment. As you can’t bump or alert to the urgency change you’re shit out of luck. There needs to be a way of pre-auth limit increases before the day you need it raising so you aren’t :pray:


This is exactly why I expected significantly faster responses than I got - the name set the expectation.

Addition for clarity: I’m fine with waiting to start the conversation but when each reply is slower than the previous one it is really annoying. Only once have I had a wait followed by a flowing conversation - that should be the norm!


Should help with the “been waiting for a specialist” posts too. Perhaps give us more options for tagging our issue - is it how do I use the app, help I can’t use my card anywhere, I’ve not received a payment etc.