How do I Request a Data Subject Access Request?

Don’t tell me to go int-chat as they keep ignoring me or telling me they will get it done when they won’t

How do I request…
use t’ internet to find out how - took me about 1 minute to type it in a search engine
apparently Monzo / the business has 1 month after the initial request edit in writing - or as below any channel ???

“An organisation has one month to respond to your request. In certain circumstances it may need extra time to consider your request and can take up to an extra two months. If it is going to do this, it should let you know within one month that it needs more time and why.“

Have you waited over a month already?


Requests can be made through any channel - email, phone call, letter, chat facility, etc. Monzo shouldn’t ignore your request, however you make it. They have one calendar month to respond, starting from the day after receipt of your request.


If they have told you they are getting it done it is likely it won’t be just a 5 minute job. As stated by other members if you have requested it they have 28 days to respond

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