How do I find my IBAN number

We don’t recommend it, as it’s not guaranteed to receive payments this way.

I found the information here under “Receiving international payments now” column.

If this is not recommended at all then Monzo should take this post down since it’s generating confusion.

It’s very clear in the article.

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Only confusion is maybe you’ve skim read the article, there’s enough warnings throughout it, to basically raise a red flag that it might not work.


Hi im in the same boat so does this wise thing work then ?? Is it.legit

It’s legit. I expect it would work well enough most of the time; there’s just no guarantee.

I know I had to have an IBAN to get paid by my company and using the generator allowed this to happen. Was being paid in GBP. I wouldn’t trust it to actually have other currencies paid into it. Something like Wise that gives you an alternate currency account would probably be better!