How do I find my IBAN number

Can someone tell me how to find my IBAN number for my account please
Thank you

There isn’t one.

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Monzo accounts don’t have an IBAN.

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Sadly the only way is by opening an account with another bank

Or ask @Carlo1460 for his app :eyes: (although he deleted the screenshot it seems where he had it!)


Almost like he was told he shouldn’t be sharing it


Awfully suspicious……… :eyes:


Sending money or receiving money can be done through Wise.

You can generate a IBAN via Wise however it’s not 100% guaranteed to receive funds this way, whereas using the Wise platform is much safer, and you can raise any issues directly with them if anything does go wrong :pray:t3:

As for the previous screenshot I didn’t get a smacked wrist for it :sunglasses: just saves confusion by removing it :mask:


Why’s your account not an official Monzo one yet? Did they decide not to allow it after your exposure of secrets? :eyes:

So is IBAN coming or do you just have a special account? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The Wise info is helpful, but usually when I’m needing to go looking for my IBAN it’s so a company send me a refund, which wise doesn’t help with. You need another bank account for that.

I’m still Monzonaut :rocket:

We all make mistakes, the removal was 100% my decision, and as above, nobody was phased as it wasn’t exactly MI5 material :sunglasses:

In my defence, I did say at the time I thought it was always there :joy:

Anyway, yes, Wise would be OP best bet for sending or receiving :relaxed:

I meant on the forum - sorry. :sweat_smile:

Oh, I’ve no idea how to change it, maybe @AlanDoe? I did add my Monzo email thinking that was the trick.

Maybe better off left alone anyway :joy:

You can get an account with an IBAN from Wise.

Not one that businesses tend to accept. I’ve tried them, and Revolut, always have to default back to Barclays.

How is Revolut generating this IBAN for my connected Monzo account?

Is it just auto generating it, like I could do myself online?

I’m really confused about how we’re in this weird halfway house with Monzo where the bank is connected to SEPA and every international Euro transfer I’ve received has been successful (and I’ve had quite a few) bar one which got returned to sender around 2-3 years ago.

How can something work but also not work? What happend to the integration with NatWest that was talked about many moons ago? Is that NatWest connection what’s allowing international transfers to come through?

I’m guessing this is just another Monzo feature that got half-built and then left to rot? There’s definitely a bit of a trend (see also, joint accounts, Google Sheets etc.) From the outside looking in it seems like 90% of the work on this has been done, and for a very long time too. Just nobody at the top has decided to prioritise the final push needed to get this to customers.

Is anybody else here actively using their Monzo IBAN day to day as if it’s a fully released feature? I can’t be the only one?


You can give a try here.

This is IBAN generator and it has been recommended by Monzo to have your IBAN number. Hope it works.

Has it? Do you have any evidence for that?

I ask, because I was under the impression that Monzo didn’t officially recommend incoming international transfers.


This IBAN generator is on the Wise website - perhaps that’s the confusion.

Monzo do recommended using Wise as an intermediary for international transfers - they don’t recommend using an IBAN generator to calculate a Monzo IBAN and receive transfers directly to your Monzo account.

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