How do I Apply for Monzo Plus account?

Hi, Can you explain how I can apply for the Monzo Plus account?

Its not launched yet, hopefully shouldn’t be too much longer.

No. There’s no such thing at the moment. One day…

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Thanks. I did a search (Google) & found instructions it was. It mentioned it was an option to register for it, under account tab.

Plus was available, briefly, last year before being binned

A new premium account is launching soon. We don’t know it’s name so are provisionally calling it Plus or new Plus

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say it’ll be 2 tiers, called ‘Plus’ and ‘Premium’ :hocho:

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Surely + and # (which is just two +s on top of each other when you think about it)?

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Marketing masterstroke.

Monzo, please give @Feathers the # job.
(I’ll take the lesser + job…)

I’ve still got my blue plus card :grin:

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Blue card and still active subscription :slight_smile:

Out of interest, what value do you feel you’re still getting from the subscription? I’m not saying you’re wrong to be continuing to pay it, I’m just intrigued :slight_smile:

I do miss the interest on the account balance, not that I earned much, it was just nice seeing the interest come in each month lol. Aside from that isn’t it all either no longer actually offered, or still available if you cancel? I still have my custom username and could have continued with the midnight sky (or whatever it was that they called the dark blue one) card if I hadn’t missed hot coral :smiley:

I pay £3 a month and get about £4.5 a month in interest. So might as well keep paying it. :grin:

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haha fair enough, definitely worthwhile continuing to pay it for you then :smiley:

That’s what I was doing too :rofl:
Ended it last month as my ISA was earning me £15 interest per month so added my savings to that instead lol

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