How do I access my account without my phone

Magic links inherently have that flaw - think password reset emails, they’re no different - it’s not specific to Monzo, as much as your argument tries to suggest it is… If your email is compromised you’ve got huge issues.

Besides, your account is read only without your pin.


I have not suggested that at all. I know that other places use this method.

Regrettably, you’ve misinterpreted my post.

Also bear in mind:

You have to know the email linked to the specific Monzo account
If you can get the Magic Link email and click on it…
The Monzo app will ask you for your PIN

Game over. Unless you know the person, persons email and Personal account card PIN. Which can happen in certain situations, but these situations compromise what is known as ‘banking security’ (t&c’s)

In general? No chance.


Emphasis mine. I’m keen to know how I misinterpreted the written word, when you used both the word “Monzo” and “their” .

Let me offer a generalised statement:

“Companies that use magic links concern me, as if your email is compromised, other accounts potentially are too”.

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Whilst I agree with you in part, the number of posts here about people losing their money to scammers who phone up and know Name, address, and DOB shows that whilst in most cases hacking the person is easier I don’t think I’d ever say “no chance” (even in general)

People are far more likely to hand over their information than we’d all like and I know 1st hand that people do silly things like storing their security details in word docs on their computer and note files on their phone

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That has nothing to do with the Magic Link emails though?


Indeed. You’ve misinterpreted it.

their meaning the method they choose to employ. I didn’t say they invented it. :roll_eyes: (did they?)

It really is quite incredible the lengths that some people go to to dissect the use of language in order to justify their misunderstanding of what others say…

There are cases on here of people forwarding the magic link email so I don’t think it’s as game over as you suggested that’s all.


Your reputation goes before you


I’d like to see those cases please.

There’s been a fair few threads with it in.

You should not forward the email to anyone or share it with anyone. As it clearly states.

If you do, you are open to all manner of ID-theft/Fraud/Negligence - and also in breach of the T&C’s and possible immediate account closure.

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Today it does, yes. I’m not sure it’s been there for very long though, I’ve only very recently seen that message in the email, although granted my personal experience doesn’t count for much, maybe it’s always been there?


Whilst it is good that it states this, it didn’t always.

Which is why I originally said:

…so, a positive development.


Possible good workaround.

Another potential is to install the app on an M1 Mac (if you have one!), assuming Monzo didn’t opt out of having their app available? Pinging @ravipatel to find out!

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If it doesn’t sign me out of my iOS device (it probably will) yes, I ordered the M1 Macbook Air as it’ll be my first ever Mac and I’m super excited




There’s a workaround for installing iOS apps that the developers have chosen not to allow on Macs.

Edit: I’ve just noticed that one of the steps is to send the app to another Mac and then back again (for some reason), so that might not be particularly practical.


That’s a shame. Wonder why. Would be useful to have downloaded on there as a just in case. Thanks for checking!

That digital model builder looks interesting

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