How can I remove Snoop

I used Snoop for a while but felt it wasn’t for me. I binned the account but have just realised I (still) have Snoop as a Third Party App.

How do I get rid of it?

PS I don’t have Chat enabled on my account :frowning:

You should have access to chat, but it’s hidden for most customers. If you ever need it, you can get to chat from help articles or by searching “contact us”

To remove connected accounts though, just swipe left on them and it’ll give you the option to remove, on iOS at least. Not the most obvious though

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Not sure how Snoop connects - I’ve never used it - but usually, to get rid of a connected app, go to Settings → Privacy & Security → Manage Apps → then tap on the three dots to the right of the connected app and then ‘Remove Access’ (:android:)


Many thanks. Sorted.
The swipe left is more of a long swipe left though.
I tried that before posting here but it didn’t work.
A long swipe did the trick, Ta!

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@Dan5 There doesn’t appear to be a help article for removing third party access (or perhaps not one that’s easily found with a search). A bit of a problem for someone with hidden chat. Perhaps you could flag to someone inside Monzo?