Housing Category

(Gavin Morrison) #1

Like many people here, I live in London and, as a result, my rent is very high. This one monthly payment dominates my spending breakdown, and obfuscates my actual spending on things I can control.

I think having a separate ‘housing’ category to cover rent, mortgages etc. would be useful.



Totally Agree. Emma has a housing category and Starling have a home category. Using them for my mortgages and rent they tend to take up a big chunk of my income :frowning: though I am doing my best to catch up with the eating category :slight_smile:


I woke my cats up laughing at that …

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #4

Do you put council tax in housing or in bills?

Do we really need a category for just one expense?

(Anthony Lucas) #5

Definitely. This would be great!

This single £1700 monthly bill will completely screw up my graphs. Aah London :cry:

This is why I haven’t moved it over.

(Nick) #6

Haven’t Monzo said that this is something they will take into account when the roll out the redeveloped version of the Spending tab?

(Excited about Christmas) #7

Agree with @davetmg. All bills, housing or not, are uncontrollable (although some clearly do vary by consumption, before anyone takes that tangent), so why not just put them in Bills, and then you’ll see what you have left?


Currently having salary to legacy account, then transfer that minus rent to Monzo, and have rent come out of legacy. Otherwise everything you said in the first post, and it distorts the pulse graph to make it less usable.

(Mark Chitty) #9

+1 I also want to categorise my house related spending, not just mortgage but also home improvements = diy/building materials & costs, new appliances / repairs, etc