Hot Chip isn't hot enough 😜

I’m very disappointed… The so called “Hot Chip” is only room temperature :snowflake::grimacing:

I must’ve received a defective unit, my Hot Chip needs to be referred to as “Chilly Chip” :yum:

Ok, so this post is entirely tongue in cheek :joy: Maybe it can turn into a place to share all of your tech stickers and the interesting places they’re stuck! :grin:

I’ve only got a small handful, there’s an Intel Speed Demon sticker, the classic Monzo logo, a somewhat unique Hot Chip sticker and hidden under the box there’s an old OCZ SSD Sticker :smiley: - they’re all stuck to a 2U server which I re-purposed as my daily PC & monitor stand for work :joy:


Is there a secret to getting Monzo stickers? Or is it a Hot Coral Detective perk?


I used stickermule to create the stickers you see in the photo :grin: they were bought with my own money (15x of each) for £1 :yum: there was an amazing promo on :sunglasses:

Hot coral detective is a completely unofficial role, the phrase was coined because of how much I dig into the monzo app and find stuff :yum: no perks or benefits :grin:

Your best bet for stickers is turning up to monzo events :tada: there’s normally stickers kicking around :sunglasses:


And there’s me getting muddled up with Coral Crew. You sly bugger.


What temperature is hot coral if it’s a temperature? :joy:


Scorching :hot_face:


Plug - We always have Monzo stickers at Monzo Socials events :grinning:

Even if there isn’t yet an event near you, it’s worth signing up to the page as there likely will be in the future!

@nexusmaniac and @enmasser amongst others can inform you all about how much fun our Socials are! :grinning:


:100: I can definitely vouch for this :sunglasses: Monzo socials are fantastic!

They’re very fun, you get to hang out with the awesome folks at monzo and a bunch of their awesome customers :beers: It’s a brilliant opportunity to talk about anything you fancy with cool people from all walks of life :grin:

Looking forward to seeing another social popup nearby :tada::monzo:

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I meant an empirical value :joy:

Somewhere between 42 and 2^82,589,933 − 1

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Degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit

Centigrade. Nobody cares about Fahrenheit except America


There’s no point in plugging something that has a wait list of >130 :frowning:

Also, have you stopped using eventbrite…? Ah no, the open offices are still on there…

So not Kelvin either?

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The waitlist is only for the London event, I was just suggesting that people sign up to the Meetup page in general so they’ll get notified for future events that we announce (which will be happening all over the country)

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Hmmm, OK. Well, I guess if you have another one in London or one up north during the summer that’ll be useful :slight_smile:

Anybody got an original copy of this image? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It would be cool to make a sticker of it some day :joy:

I vote that if a different mascot was to be created for Monzo Plus it’s the Midnight Sky card and it is called ‘Chilly Chip’ :+1:t5:

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You are amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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