Home Page Chart doesn't reflect balance at EOD

Hello all,

Has anyone else noticed that the bar chart on the top of the Home Page doesn’t accurately reflect the balance left over at the end of the day?

So as the pic below shows, I spent just short of £53 that day and then reimbursed the account with some money from a pot. However the balance shows at £29.69 when really it should have been £69.69. It hasn’t recognized the transfer from the pot.


All in all it’s not a big deal, I can cope without but I do like to analyse my spends on a daily basis so getting this changed would be beneficial in the long run :slight_smile:

Has anyone else noticed this?

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It looks like you’ve dragged the graph back before you transferred the 40 pounds in. If you see in front of where you have the graph highlighted, there appears to be a jump in the graph to show you have added money.

Hi Marky_S

The jump going up is part of the next day’s transactions. At that point it seems to have recognised the £40 I transferred from the pot. I’ve gone through the chart slowly and the jump is part of the 12th Nov before dipping again because of various payments made.

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Ah. Sounds like you’ve had a play with the graph location.

There have been bugs with the graph before that people log as bugs. Personally I don’t find the graph useful, so therefore I haven’t paid much detail to the graph. Hopefully someone gets it sorted for you :+1:

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I miss the navy blue chart :frowning: I wish the joint account had more colour to it