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True, but when you ruin your food, at least you can blame Alexa.

That really romantic meal you had planned (cooked in the microwave… obvs)… Yeah… Alexa ruined it!

Take away?

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yeah, I bet Alexa can be the jealous type

So I went to IKEA today and got myself a BYÅS TV bench


Attached the switches to the back as well as the Hue Hub and keeping the crappy power blocks in the drawer is much better as there is less mess behind it.

Only thing now is that the Sky remote does not work so I might swap the AV over as I use the app for that.

Anyway much better than what it was I think

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We just got a similar bench and wall mounted. Have the tv above on the wall also and then glass doors on the front.

Edit: it’s a besta unit.

I saw that, I just wanted something cheap and cheerful.

I did see a hack where the drawers were turned hinged in to pull down doors so might do maybe… unsure.

Just came across this link and I figured I’d share. It’s a very comprehensive breakdown of Wi-Fi standards and what to look for when buying new Wi-Fi access points or troubleshooting bad Wi-Fi speeds: https://www.duckware.com/tech/wifi-in-the-us.html

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A very strong 1996 web design energy on that site.