High value debit card transactions

I will be making a high value payment on my Monzo card soon, maybe £800ish.

With my Lloyds account I need to warn that this will take place, or else it is thrown out.

Does Monzo do the same?

All views are welcome, I am new to Monzo.


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I think for £800 you should be fine - I’ve never heard of anyone having that sort of amount blocked in many years now.

With Monzo, it’ll probably just let you do it. Some banks, though not as many, may flag it if it’s unusual but again that’s something that used to happen years back, less so now

Certainly haven’t had this with Lloyds myself. Also, they don’t “throw out” payments - they put them on hold until they have contacted you (or vice versa).

WRT Monzo, I’ve made many £10,000 transfers without issue.

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No issues with Monzo.

I used to tell Lloyds I was buying a new iPhone each year and they still would have issues with it.

Welcome to Monzo.

It’s likely going to be fine, if it was thousands and outside your usual spending pattern it may be questioned but otherwise should be fine.

Just keep a receipt to hand and your best identity face on if they do wish to check :blush: