"HIDE" from feed all annoying transfers to "Savings pot"

Recently i started to use " IFTTT" app linked to Monzo.
There is a bunch of ways to automatically save/ transfer money thru challenges into my Saving Account Pot.
Everything works smoothly but theres a huge and annoying problem.

My main account feed is flooded everyday with little transactions to my saving pots, therefore it looks very messy and harder to find or scroll thru your real everyday transactions.

If Monzo developers could find a way to have an option/feature to hide all this little transactions from the “main account feed” to the “saving pots” would be AMAZING!!!

Do you feel the same??
Plz let me know your thoughts

I agree on this, i had a quite a few repeating transfers and it really blocks up the feed, it would be great to hide them


I like this!

And if not ‘hide’ make them smaller and less obtrusive (or put them under one header maybe?).


I agree with this.


Or even a option to Hide any transactions under a specific amount. That would hide a lot of stuff and show only the main and important ones.

Agreed! I have the 1p challenge, reverse 1p challenge, save the date challenge, round up to £1 all clogging up my feed, one line with running total or collapsible feed item would be so useful!

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