Hidden pots that aren’t hidden at all 🙄 (salary sorter)

I have a hidden pot that I use for my travel to work. I put in extra money each month and am using it as a way of saving without realising.

The pot is hidden and I use a virtual card for my TfL travel so there’s no need for me to ever check the balance.

But annoyingly, when using salary sorter you can see the balance of the pot… so every month I’m reminded that I have a pot of money that tempts me to spend it.

This is really frustrating :sob::sob:

If they were completely hidden and couldn’t be used with salary sorter then that would hinder people who want to sort into those pots.

Showing balances is a recent-ish change, one that had been requested a few times.

It just needs to have a toggle in settings to hide the hidden pots balance for salary sorter.

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I work in user experience in tech so I understand building to user requirements and prioritising features that benefit the wider community rather than a smaller group of users, but, I had a product that worked perfect for my use case (a use case that I am subscribed to Monzo premium for) and when you have a feature called ‘hidden pots’ which is designed to hide a pot so users can forget about it but then when they get paid, they’re reminded by how much money is in there it’s frustrating.

It’s always good to give feedback to a company when they change things.

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It’s always good to give feedback, I’m not denying that.

There was a lot of “I want to see the pot balance when I salary sort” so they’ve made the change. Maybe if lots of people agree with you that balance shouldn’t be there they’ll change it back.

A good middle ground might be if pot is hidden, also hide the balance. But some people won’t like that either.

It gets a bit complicated if it’s hidden everywhere and having options galore to decide how to customise perfectly for each person is a bit much. I like that mine are hidden enough so I don’t use them but enough to encourage me to pop anything extra each month on pay day into it - for me it depends how much I have as to how much I put in, so a regular payment isn’t useful as I varies month my month.