Hi everyone

I’m in Brazil and trying to use my card from my wallet on my iPhone, and not being able to. Is there a spending limit?
Please help!!! Thanks

There is no spending limit. You can see your limits in app by searching the help section for it.

If you’d like some more guidance you’ll have to elaborate on what the issue is. How much are you trying to spend and what error are you getting?

I’ve tried to pay with my iPhone wallet and transactions are not going through

Yes I understand that part. What is happening? Is it declining? When you tap into the declined transaction, what does it say?

Have you tried to pay with your card without going through Apple Pay?

It says “transaction error “

I don’t have my card here with me as the one I had has expired

If your card has expired that will be the reason then!


On my wallet I have the new one

Your best bet is to contact Monzo in app. You’re being a little too vague here whereas Monzo will be able to look at the declined transaction and give you the exact reason.

Hope you get it sorted soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Will do that

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It could also be that the card reader you’re paying at may not support Mastercard.

Brazil has it’s own domestic card network, Elo, so if that is all the shop accepts then you may have to use cash instead. Some places may also only accept Visa, outside of Elo.

That said, generally Mastercard acceptance is good in Brazil in most places.

For more advice, have a look at this topic.