Help us test physical Flex cards 👀

I have to agree. When I was with Monzo and moving house, it was really difficult for anyone to accept monos statements. They’re almost as bad as First Directs!

“Whats a pot”
“What were the totals”
“Is Monzo a bank”

Natwest on the other hand no problem at all. It’s also where I think Algbra have done well and chase, both look like professional outfits.

My main bank is Starling and they do very good statements which I have never had questioned.


I had no issue with my usual statement from my recent mortgage.

he Flex statment is a complete mess. The CSV version is slightly better as it lists the merchant name for the purchase and any notes you made. But only the first 2 merchants if you’re paying off more than 2 purchases.

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They also do certified statements online, which I had to get for an enhanced DBS - Monzo wasn’t accepted


I never understood that to be honest. Starling’s “certified statement” seems to be nothing more than the same PDF with a circle graphic pasted on that anyone could make up and paste on any statement in a few minutes. Am I missing something?

My understanding is that the digital stamp has a unique code on it which can be used to verify the statements’ authenticity.


I totally agree! It should have the merchants name and info and I’d like to see if I’ve paid extra or a part payment then it should show under the actual merchant name with a sub header or something and the date of payment. Doesn’t look professional enough to me. Especially if I had an issue with a business and I showered them this statement, they would be like what’s flex haha

I think Monzo’s current account bank statements look beautiful though

The spacing annoys me in the monzo statements.

Starling much preferred.

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Really? I think they’re an incomprehensible mess. But at least you can see the merchants you spent money with.


Recently lost my wallet and had to replace my cards, including my regular Monzo card, and my new Physical Flex card. Ordering a replacement for Flex was (as expected) the same as main account.
Only thing I missed was the fact my Google Pay cards were frozen until the new cards arrived but this is standard.
Luckily, I have Plus so was able to pay using a a pot linked virtual card for in store transactions.

Only difference I noticed was that while my main account card was “blocked” and unable to unfreeze once my new card was dispatched, my Flex card was not and I had the option to unfreeze if I needed to. This is despite choosing “Lost” as the reason for both.

Overall, happy with the process though and now I have both replacements and both work as they should.


The new ones though?

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The totals make no sense, they’re in reverse date order (why?), and the pot transfers don’t say which pot they are to/from.