Help us test joint accounts in the US!

Hi everyone! :wave:

Some of you connected the dots and got what we were hinting at with our “Making more Monzo magic” October update.

We’re super excited to bring joint accounts to Monzo in the US! :tada:
Our team has been working hard to make this a reality, and we need your help to make it great when we finally open it to everyone!

Both you and your joint account co-owner will need to have personal Monzo US accounts. :dancing_women:

If you’re interested in joining the beta for joint accounts, please fill in this form:

Give us your feedback below! And watch this space for additional info and updates during beta testing. :eyes: Thanks for helping us test joint accounts!

edit: You can also learn more about how joint accounts work at Monzo in our blog post.


Thanks @denisewong, my better half and I are excited to test this out!


Good news!! just filled in the form.


Keen for feedback from Usaians on what your joint account experience is like :raised_hands: :monzo_usa:


Yes, I wonder what the question at the end about specific features is hinting at. Possibly things are being built in a bit of a different way to avoid some of the parity problems we’ve had in the UK?

I like the community shout-out for future updates, too. Great to see the US-based Monzo team using the community as well.


Wondering if anyone received any acknowledgement or confirmation of joint account.


I think they’re still collecting names. Might be a few weeks before they start the invites…

:monzo_usa: :monzooo:

Exactly what @Peter_G said - the door is still open for new names to be collected (we’re not waiting for a specific number or anything - but the more the merrier!).

But for anyone already on the list, we’re polishing up some last few things for the beta and should reach out with more detail soon! Please bear with us as we get the code finished up despite the holiday-related delays you might expect :christmas_tree:


Love the Transparency here.

Also, TWO Turkey dinners in the space of a month, legends.

Happy Thanksgiving :turkey::turkey:

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So close! Very excited to dive into this.

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A sneak peek at our first joint account test cards :eyes:

You can help us improve on this design though. :art: Grab your Sharpies and stickers, and share your creative ways to tell your cards apart!

If you need inspiration…


Holy smooth Joint Account - :heart:

(lose the ‘debit’ and that’d be pretty much faultless - although the ‘debit’ may be a regulatory thing?)


Yeah @davidwalton, sadly “debit” is a regulatory thing here in the US :smiling_face_with_tear:


Could it not go under the MasterCard logo to the right? Basically tuck it away? :sweat_smile:


Nice shout @Carlo1460, I’m not sure what the Mastercard US design guidelines are but definitely some feedback I can pass along to our designers!


Looks great! :relaxed: do you guys have any dates as to when we can expect to start getting these? Can’t explain how eager me and my girlfriend are…

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is the “JOINT” font color can be changed to blue or green to stand out?

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We’re expecting a big update on this sometime tomorrow, so stay tuned! :eyes:



(Joy for :monzo_usa: , despair for @davidwalton in 3,2,1…)

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