Help please! I need my Monzo card ASAP!

(Lucia) #1

Hi all,

I was just wondering if there is a way to skip the queue and get my Monzo card ASAP? I am moving to Stockholm for work next week, and because of Swedish Bureaucracy it will be a good few months before I can open a bank account there. This means that without my Monzo card I’ll be paying ridiculous fees on my current card for the foreseeable future :frowning: any help is greatly appreciated!


Check this thread for Golden ticket to skip the queue

(Michael) #3

Are you moving fully over to Sweden? No longer residing in the UK?

(Mark Edmonds) #4

Its not really a currency card…

(Lucia) #5

No I’ll only be there for 6 months or so!

(Herp Derp) #6

Option 3 :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:

(Mark Edmonds) #7

All good options, but the reason the predicament is here is because people have been using it as currency card.


Because that is exactly how it has been promoted.

(MikeF) #9

Then you need to know that the cards are being replaced by current accounts by the end of this year.


There are alternatives to Monzo. Starling & Revolut to name a couple. Given the timescale they may be worth investigating.

(Colin Robinson) #11

You mean I can get a chip implantanted in my brain? Where do I sign up? :grinning::smiley::smile:

(John M Phillips ) #12

Golden tickets send them out to your friends


Or Monese, which quick to set up and has GBP and EUR accounts

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