Hello a transfer was made from capital one and it's not in my monzo account yet

I paid for something with my card yesterday,I don’t know if the transaction was successful

It might be an idea to contact Capital One about the transfer, and Monzo about the card transaction.

How long will it take it to reflect in my account

As soon as it arrives.

The money was pending on Friday that it was sent,and today it showed transferred made,but it’s not in my account yet

Remember that Friday and Monday are bank holidays


Yes I know,they already said it will appear in my account in Tuesday,so it was pending in Friday and today it showed transferred.So,I was wondering because it didn’t show in my account.

I also get a transfer notification that will drop in my account before the day,but I have not seen anything yet.

Tuesday since it’s bank holiday weekend. If I’m doing contact the sender.

I was expecting the money to be pending until Tuesday but since it was transferred today,I thought it should reflect immediately

It’s more than likely the transfer has been made by BACS. Since banks don’t process payments on a bank holiday or weekends I wouldn’t even consider worrying about it unless it hasn’t arrived by close of play on Tuesday at the earliest.

If it was a Faster Payment it would normally arrive within two hours.
If it was a BACS payment and was only processed today then you are looking at Thursday for it to clear


It was a fast cash payment

Are you meaning a cash advance?

It’s 1 working day so Thursday is Tuesday. Friday through to Monday is Tuesday or Wednesday.

I mistakenly transferred money into my credit card thinking it was my other bank account,but on Friday they transferred the money but it was showing pending,only for it to show transferred today.uptil now the money has not reflected in my monzo account

Sounds like they’ve processed it but it’s a slow process on their end

They’ve said Tuesday so it should appear then