Heating on

So winter slowly creeping upon us and October is only tomorrow. Normally by the end of October it is freezing. So when do you turn your heating on?

I woke up this morning at 4am (not out of choice) and thought bloody hell it’s cold. I was actually tempted to put the heating on for a quick blast.

Either that or I need a new duvet with a deeper tog.

Mine comes on whenever the temperature drops below 18. Or rather, the thermostats are set to keep the house at 18 degrees. Keeps the environment comfortable. Turn it up or down as needed.


No heat until November

Still got shorts on, so don’t need it yet

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Shorts?! It’s 10 8 degrees! Nippy and very windy!

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In the day it’s sort of ok and you can wear shorts. But after say 17:00 it starts getting chilly and it’s too cold for shorts.

It’s apparently 20C in my bedroom (coldest room) but it feels way colder.

Not shorts outside!

But it’s 16 degrees here! South > North.

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Pffft! Enjoy your bigger spiders with all that extra warmth!


It’s freezing but I ran out of oil on Sunday and I was too cheap to pay £20 extra to get it delivered quicker. Should be here tomorrow. Until then I’m wrapped in a blanket

It’s apparently 14 degrees today, but it feels colder. Being sat at a desk not moving means I’m feeling the cold more, although I’m not keen on putting the heating on just yet (guaranteed it’ll cost me a fiver just for a day based on the way the prices have shot up, I’m not made of money!).

Just researching hot water bottles, it’s like the 70s again.

Mine will come on when the thermostat hits 10°c or less

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Alright, eskimo.


You want one of these

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There’s me, 2 rabbits and some houseplants.

The rabbits have fur coats, I have jumpers. The plants will get some bubble wrap :joy:

Have been using the Boost setting of the Hive thermostat this week once or twice, I must confess. Otherwise it’s set to keep the house at 18° during the day and 20° in the morning/evening

I like it warm, what can I say!

Like hugging an overly-warm unexploded shell from WW2 in a snuggie. Nice.

Not quite as metallic or hard though

Also good for period pain if that’s a selling point for you

And back pain

But will it solve my existential angst?

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That’s what chocolate cake is for


My Hive is set to 19.5 during the day and 18 overnight. I feel the cold!

This week is the first time the heating has come on since Spring, though.

I’ve just looked on this little cheap thermometer thing. It’s 20C now but humidity is 70% which is apparently high. So maybe that’s why I’m feeling colder than it is? I’ve just ordered a decent tester on Amazon to double check the humidity.

And that’s WITH a Aero 360 dehumidifier things.