Health records on iPhone

Apologies if another appropriate thread already exists for this (I did search, but couldn’t find one, yet I’m sure it’s been discussed somewhere on here before), but Apple has today rolled out health records on iPhone to the U.K.

not many support it yet in the U.K. but it’s a nice move. I could be mistaken, but we don’t usually have any easy access to our own health records. I know mine exist somewhere within the NHS, but I’ve personally never been able to view them myself before, though I’ve never asked either. Hope this rolls out with some haste.


if you register with your GP for online access, you can get patient access to all your medical history , order repeat prescriptions, book appointments etc etc

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Thanks for the information - shame my GP doesn’t support patient access

I just checked this, and it’s definitely a cool thing. Sadly only two NHS trusts have it enabled at the moment and I don’t know how long others will take to sign up to this

You can use the NHS App to access a wide range of data from your medical record -

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I don’t meet the requirements to sign up for that. Good resource though, for those who can use it.

If I remember rightly all the NHS services will use something slightly different :man_facepalming:
At least in my case I have had to use two providers

As others have said this sort of thing is not new in the UK where there are various apps such as

as well as the Patient Access one already mentioned. You would need to ask your GP surgery if they have an preference though I believe they all work if you prefer another app instead (Certainly these are available at all GP practices in England anyway)

Apple providing this is probably of more use in countries which don’t have centralised health systems/GPs in the way we do here.

I have access to my GP records via Patient Access but I’m wondering if my local NHS Trust (not yet on Apple Health) holds extra information to my GP? Be interesting to see if/when my NHS trust registers with Apple what it shows me

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