Health & Fitness Category

(Hassan Iqbal) #1

A category which bundles transactions for health and fitness purchases, such as protein shakes, vitamin pills, and also gym memberships.

This will allow users to see how much their diet and healthy lifestyle is costing them and maybe help reduce it (hopefully still stay healthy and fit!)

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

That’s a great idea. You think that would fit in something named “Lifestyle” or something like that? Are you missing any other relevant categories?


(Hassan Iqbal) #3

Yeah, I think Lifestyle category helps categories a lot of things! Can’t think of anything else that’s missing, but will give you a shout if I do.

Thanks & look forward to seeing what Mondo has to offer next.


Hassan Iqbal

(louay) #4

What about accommodation as well? Like hotels/airbnb. It’s not always a “holiday” expense you know.

(Bruce) #5

I’m in huge agreement with this. I’ve just run through quite a few threads about categories, most want custom categories, but all mention health / well being in their custom list as well as direct requests like this. In our day and age it’s such a big industry simply because people spend so much and companies are ump so much into the industry.

I think this would be a great addition !