HCI, Design, Pyschology experts needed!

I recently posted a survey on here regarding my masters project which is evaluating trust within mobile financial services. The results were incredibly valuable and have helped me to work towards developing a trust heuristic tool.

As part of this it would need it to be validated by experts in the filed (e.g. psychology, design, developers, financial services) and am wondering if anyone would be willing to help… it will approximately take 25 minutes so I understand it is a big ask but would be thoroughly appreciated.

It involves looking at a set of 27 heuristics and ranking them in importance from 1-5. If you wish to add comments it could take longer.

If anyone is willing to do so please comment your email, or alternatively email me on olivia.hunneyball@googlemail.com if you do not wish to share you email publicly.

This is the second survey that I see you’ve posted, what can those who give their time to help get in return? I ask this because I haven’t seen you post outside of your surveys (not even a basic introduction) or contribute anything else to the community.

If you are studying finance I’m sure you can offer your expertise in helping others on here just as you are asking for help from others too. Perhaps you could jump into some of those topics and I’m sure you’ll get grateful people who will want to return the favour.

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Thankyou for this, I will take that on board! I am new to this community so I guess I wasn’t too sure what expertise I could bring. I only just heard about it since doing my assignment and thought that the contributors on here could bring some value to my project. But again thankyou I will see what help I can give to others and understand where you are coming from completely :slight_smile: