Have you gone #FullMonzo?

(Eve) #204

My move away from Santander completed today :raised_hands:t3::sparkles: I’m now #FullMonzo!

(Aleksander) #205

No. Many reasons why. Here is a few of them;

(Jack) #206

#FullMonzo should be a requirement of the Coral Crew :joy:


Use Monzo if you like it and want to back them up but for God’s sake keep your high street zombie account!:wink:

(Eve) #208

I kept mine for ages since I got interest on it and free international transfers like once a month but no longer since I’m not an undergrad anymore :weary: if I have need of another next time I will open one. Lots of people have good insurance cover/ interest etc. on theirs so by all means keep it :+1:t3:

(Andre Borie) #209

Finally, at last. :+1:

(Glenn Lewis) #210

My #FullMonzo life will begin on 7th of August, and I can’t wait.

Monzo is perfect for me, as I don’t receive cash at all, and never need to pay in. I hate paying with cash, and use Apple Pay regularly. I love the app, and the whole ethos of the brand, and can’t wait to make full use of all the features, which will mean I can get my bill tracking app off my homepage.

Bring it on!


I have kept mine, purely for access to 5% regular saver.

Salary due to be paid into Monzo for first time this month :grin:


(Punit Mannari) #212

Just gave my monzo details to my employer…gone full monzo…end of this month should get paid here…
Will still keep my Lloyd’s for cheque and cash deposit and transfer it to Monzo.
Only down side is with every bank I had a overdraft Inc Lloyd’s…but nothing with Monzo…

(Andy) #213

Hi @Punmanuk and well done on going #fullmonzo! :wave: I’ve popped your post in to the fullMonzo thread.

If you’ve got any issues don’t hesitate to ask in these forums!

(Jack) #214

Keep checking in the future. They are always looking to open this up more.

(Punit Mannari) #215

Do people actually have overdraft on monzo or is this comming soon? I was surprised I did not get a od

(Jack) #216

A few do yes. Because OD’s are new to Monzo they are being very cautious as to their risk appetite.
Each bank decides on the level of risk they want to accept. Not saying you specifically would be but a number of customers added up may be?

(Andy) #217

Yep plenty have an overdraft however Monzo are quite conservative on their criteria. You may find you become eligible soon though. Make sure your Transunion (callcredit) credit file is up to date and accurate

(Punit Mannari) #218

I use noodle…is that the same?

(Jack) #219

Yep they use TransUnion (callcredit) data :slight_smile:


Who would have thought that Donald Trump would go full Monzo? :joy::joy::joy:

(Andre Borie) #221

Who would have thought that Donald Trump would go full Monzo?

Well maybe he wants to make banking great again. Or build a wall against legacy banks. :joy:

Frankly, whether you agree or disagree with his US politics, I think a wall around legacy banks would be a lovely idea.

(Punit Mannari) #222

I am trump supporter…any problems😀

(Andre Borie) #223

No problems, although a bank’s community forum would be a pretty unusual place to affirm your political preferences don’t you think? :joy: