Have more than 1 device per OS


So I have an iPhone and an iPad and would like Monzo on both devices, however it appears you can only have 1 app per ecosystem. If I sign my iPad in, it’ll sign out my iPhone and vice versa.

Is there anyway around this? Can Monzo increase the limit?

I’m sure that they can but they haven’t shown any inclination to in the last four years. No ones ever reported a work-around other than logging in all the time.

It sure would be nice, many thanks for replying

Monzo record your push ID for sending your Apple device push notifications, they’ll record that on login usually unless Monzo made a conscious decision to allow you to login on multiple devices and record each push ID for al devices your account uses. there won’t be any sort of work around unfortunately unless Monzo choose to implement a system that lets you login on multiple devices. :frowning:

There’s a bunch of other issues but all of them would require technical implementation by Monzo

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