Have I been scammed?


Yesterday I sold my iPhone via Facebook Marketplace, the buyer paid via Monzo (or so I thought).

I got an email saying my money was being held until I could provide proof of postage, which I provided. This morning I got an email saying that in order for the money to be released into my bank account I needed to send a £100 gift card, they would then send me the money for the phone and an additional £100.

I had never heard of Monzo before yesterday but after having a quick look at the website it seemed legit, however asking me to send gift cards reeks of a scam and is something I will never do!

Have I been scammed, will I ever see my money?

Hi. Welcome.

If the money isn’t in your account, then sadly it looks like you’ve been scammed.

What makes you think the buyer paid via Monzo? What notification/proof do you have of payment?

As far as I’m aware, FB Marketplace doesn’t do any sort of buyer protection, so they wouldn’t be holding the money, Monzo certainly wouldn’t.

You need to report this to the police.


Who sent this email? If it was claiming to be Monzo what was the email address?

Again who sent this?

Gift cards is always a scam

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Hey @EddRawles :wave:

Sorry to say but it does sound like you’ve been a victim of a scam here :frowning_face:

You can reach out to Action Fraud to report this and they should be able to highlight some of the next steps.


After looking closer at the email address it was auth.monzobankonlinebanking.co.uk@gmail.com. So the fact it is a gmail account pretty much guarantees it is a scam, especially coupled with the request for gift cards.

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Yes unfortunately it’s completely a scam

Monzo is a regulated bank, their checks would be done with the sender and not the person receiving the money. They wouldn’t even know your email address. And they’d never ask for gift cards


Good lord! :flushed:


If you’ve already sent the phone (I hope you haven’t) you aren’t getting that back (potentially) - there is no money, it is all a scam - a common one is PayPal - people fake the emails to make them think you’ve been paid

I just had someone off the Facebook community done myself in today for a iPad.

They sent me a email on Monzopay.uk@gmail.com

Proper done me in

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Did it seem weird that Monzo, a bank, would use a @gmail.com address?

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It didn’t to be fair