Harlands DD enrichment

I’ve got an interesting one - I’ve got a gym subscription with xercise4less, that’s the gym I go to - The direct debit however is managed by Harlands (https://www.harlandsgroup.eu/) - “The Membership management experts”

I don’t actually have any interaction with Harlands, other than they manage the DD and the money goes to xercise4less - However in the many months I’ve been using Monzo, the DD enrichment has changed 3-4 times… First it started off as the default “Harlands”, and now it’s showing as Lifetime fitness.

This is potentially where the DD enrichment seems to fall apart where I can only assume there is other users reporting incorrect details and it keeps getting changed by COP’s with no bigger picture? I’ve submitted the enrichment details for xercise4less a good 4-5 times now.

In this case, the direct debit reference (Bottom of the DD info screen, and payment screen) contains “X4LESS” so this would need to be used, rather than the account details “HARLANDS SERV LTD T/A” which I assume is what gets overwritten with the enrichment stuff?

Happy to provide more info if needed :tada:


It’s one of those cases where DD enrichment doesn’t really work - I get the same where my payment to RCI Finance is logged a ‘Renault Finance’ presumably due to the first person to report it owning a Renault.

It doesn’t help that you can’t put a description when you flag incorrect entries in the app… they’re correct for a certain % of users and these cases need an explanation why you’re flagging them as incorrect so the COPs can make a determination.


I have said (both verbally and in writing) before that there needs to be a comments box when posting changes, so you can add extra info or an explanation.


Just noticed that the merchant icon has now been updated to a snapchat ID screenshot :frowning: Hardly a company logo? :thinking:

I have that for my local cinema after I submitted it. Tried again but it’s still snapchat :woman_shrugging: