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Forgive me, could not find this via searching and we are a finance forum. Best wishes.


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Become a customer
Find out more about becoming a Handelsbanken customer or call 0800 470 8000 to speak to our Customer Support team.

Need to call them to discuss to see if you fit the bill. It’s likely not a one type fits all, unlike most other private banking.


I have emailed and been very upfront. It is a shame they cannot specify, you must hold a deposit greater than X. Suppose we could change the question to, would they accept an ordinary bloke?

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Anyone can apply to join, as with any business, they can refuse to offer you a service. They meet with every potential customer, before even making an offer. They aren’t some run of the mill high street bank when is boils down to it.


I’ve never heard of them. Just looked and there’s one in my town.
What’s the advantages of them? Customer service and better rates?


Seem to be a weird mix of old school direct branch support and some level of modernity . No explicit entry criteria from what I can see and if you like banking like it’s the 1960s then they’re probably for you.

EDIT: I think there’s a monthly fee of £40 going off another post here


This is literally the opposite to their business model, which is very much “meet with us and we’ll see if and how we can serve you”.


We have a regular customer who is our local ‘Lord’ or ‘Earl’ and noticed he has one of these cards.

They aren’t for the everyday person I imagine