Guinea pigs

I’d like to offer myself as a guinea pig if you’re looking for people to trial current accounts with salaries :fleur-de-lis:


Patiently waiting for the double barrel shooting down :wink:

Happy to join this queue :wink:

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Waves!!! Pick me! Waves!!!

I’m pretty sure the investors get first dibs, followed by those of us who pledged but weren’t picked.

That said, I’ll happily pay in my salary to get in quicker. After all, I was going to anyway.

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I was promised my investor title today…


Based on the emails that were sent out about the recent crowd sourcing event, the new investors will trial it first, then the people who offered but didn’t get picked (I’m in that list) and then everyone else on Monzo.

Once that is all rolled out, then the general public.

As for the salaries top up, i think i remember reading they were trialling it now but it can’t hurt to offer your services :grinning:

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Wonder if there will be early access for us Alpha users :innocent:

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