Guilty Secret

We’re in the process of going #fullmonzo, which means ditching our current account at Nationwide. If we don’t have a current account we can’t keep our credit card. We need a credit card for big purchases (for s.76 protection which has been a huge help this year having never needed it before).

So my guilty secret is I’m awaiting delivery of a Barclaycard. Just call me Mr Fintech.




Don’t tell anyone, but…

You could keep your Nationwide account open and use the credit card? Or open a new account there if you’re going to do a full CASS?

:wink: :monzo:

The whole point of going full Monzo is the need to simplify my life! One current account is enough. I know I can have more than one, for a while last week I had four :slight_smile:

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I know it’s not that bad, also practicing my ‘click bait’ post title skills :slight_smile:


I would have advised against Barclaycard… not compatible with Google/Apple Pay.

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It’s good for Apple Pay, It’s just Google that’s an issue…


I opened a Barclaycard credit card a couple of months ago … perfect for things like this!!

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