Guess the feature coming next week 👀 (REVEALED: Set contactless limits to levels you're comfortable with)

:eyes: Labs


I like that you’ve actually called it, “Cap what you Tap” :smiley:


Interesting that if you set £0 contactless will be disabled.

Killed two birds with one stone with this feature. Some people have been asking for the option to disable contactless also


That was painless



Turned it on, went to limits page but the ‘learn more’ button on that page doesn’t work (on either the single tap or contactless until PIN entry pages)

That will link to the blog post when we launch the feature fully. We had planned to launch it fully today but we found a bug last week (if you don’t change anything but hit save anyway on iOS it crashes) so have delayed full launch until the fix for that has rolled out.

We didn’t want to leave the community waiting though so decided to launch to labs.


It works for me. Tapping on ‘Learn more’ takes you to:

EDIT: I like the sliders - very nice!


Does that disable Apple Pay too?

This is only regarding your card taps (not APay/GPay taps) according to the blog - “If you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, nothing will change. You can still pay for transactions without any of these limits.”

But it’s a good question!

Who’s up for the embarrassing test at the till?


Awesome! You’d be surprised how many banks combine the two things in their controls!

So on that note. Contactless = £0. TYVM Monzo.

Edit: follow up question: if/when you turn it back on when you need, will it require a pin first to be activated?

Asking because now I’ve enabled it, setting it to 0 also sets until pin entry to 0 as well.

Think I’ve answered this myself by playing with it. Should just work in a pinch without needing to do anything when I turn it on. Sliding the until pin entry back to £200 shows my limit as £200/£200.

I probably should do this too as there is very rarely a scenario where I can use contactless but not ApplePay.

But still 95% of the time, I reach for my card and tap with that.

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You amazing people, you. :hot_coral_heart:


Yep – we ask you to enter your PIN in the app whenever you change your limits. It’s a way of stopping someone (or yourself) from overriding the limits too easily.

I think that’s what you’re asking? Let me know if not.


More referring to the card terminal at checkouts.

My thinking was, by turning contactless off by setting it to 0, it sets the “until pin entry” limit to 0 as well.

So was wondering if, when I turn contactless on, My first payment will require chip and pin to restore the £200 limit before asking for the pin again.


When I did this the app crashed. I submitted the feedback request though not sure if actually have to type something as well or you get the full crash info automatically

This isn’t the bug I described earlier is it?

but we found a bug last week (if you don’t change anything but hit save anyway on iOS it crashes)

If so, we’re aware and that’s the reason we’ve only launched to labs today.


Caveat: I’m 90% sure this is how it works but payments is complex so you can never be quite sure there isn’t some other system that will alter things :see_no_evil:.

We store two things:

  • The limit
  • How much you’ve accumulated of that limit

Then when we authorise a transaction we compare the two.

So, this means that if you set the limit to £0 and then set it back to £100 that should be fine – you shouldn’t be prompted for chip & pin on next transaction just because you temporarily changed it.


Dark mode :eyes::eyes:


Sorry, yeah that’s correct :sweat_smile:

I’m going to try after work later on this evening, I’ve set my limit to £0