Group direct debits for upcoming


So I’ve got 16 direct debits coming out apparently on Monday and I do like the feature that it shows them in the feed…but they are now going to be at the top of my feed for 3 days and everytime I make a transaction I have to scroll down

Any chance they could be grouped together? Or something like that?


If Monzo would remove the graph, or at least allow it to be toggled off, that would also free up some screen space.


Actually I’m on the joint account so don’t actually have the graph and it still takes up loads of space!

It’s never an issue for me but I can imagine that would be very annoying!

The pulse is still there on joint accounts, just as a heads up if you were hoping it would be gone. May unlock on 3 September or possibly 3 October, depends how long you had had the account.

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Is it. I’ve been using it since 14th July so I would imagine 14th September…Ill be honest I have actually missed it! I know people moan it takes up room and everything but it makes the app “pop” it’s a little dull without is :confounded:

Unlocks on 3rd monthly, so if not Monday it’ll be 3 October. I must admit it looks better with it, and I look forward to it evolving over time.


Agree that it would be good to be able to collapse the upcoming DDs if there are more than say 3.