Gridserve separate hold&refund

Gridserve seem to have developed an odd system where they reserve £20 then when you’ve finished instantly refund the difference… but it appears as a different transaction in the timeline.

This looks wierd, and you have to do maths to work out what you’ve spent! The other issue of the first transaction still pending doesn’t really make much difference with Monzo (although with other banks you may look like you’re up on the deal).

It presumably needs some kind of special case so these can be linked.

The transactions come from GRIDSERVE UK GMM LTD IVER GBR

It is an odd way to do it, but if they’re refunding the difference it sounds like that £20 transaction will process through.

It’s on the merchant do it properly, nothing Monzo can do here if it’s two completely separate transactions.

Sure, but it’d be nice if Monzo could merge the two, assuming there’s enough data in the transaction to link them.

I’m sure there are many thousands of special cases already… the real world doesn’t operate in a clean way. Most of them dont make the headlines (like people being charged twice at tesco or boots).

I think the problem here is that we cannot do this for every merchant, the recent changes we made to resolve Tesco transactions apply to all payments processed by their acquirer so it’s worth the engineering time and cost to resolve it.

If we did this for every merchant/acquirer who didn’t follow the rules properly then we’d be constantly chasing our tail and wouldn’t be able to develop any shiny new features.

It’s worth raising this through chat though, because that way we’ll have a log of the problem, be able to identify how widespread the problem is and flag it up with Mastercard.


It’s probably just a workaround for their payment processor not processing presentment fast enough… when you’re talking about chargers that might be used multiple times in a day on large journeys, all those holds add up quite quickly (one company takes £80 a time and takes 3-4 days!).

I know how bad it can be… I worked for a company that used to aggregate data from multiple companies and none of them stuck to any of the specs they claimed to… so I’m not worried if it goes on a list of things to do when hell freezes over for now.