Grey text cut off

(Colin Robinson) #1

(Craig Murdo) #2

I noticed this on :airplane: holiday - tried tapping to expand the text but it just seems to be cut off.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

(Charlie) #3

This also happens with merchant names that are too long for a single line. What are your thoughts on fixing this? Would you prefer to see a shorter description, text split over two lines, tap and expand functionality, or something else?

Personally, I like the idea of a shorter description. In your example, I feel it’s unnecessary to say “This exchange rate”, and instead just print the rate.

(Craig Murdo) #4

A shorter label would be ideal, if it included the tap to show extra information.

Im a sucker for knowing how much im saving with these conversions when abroad - I want all the details :joy:

(Terry) #5

I would say remove the “This exchange rate is” and just pit what the exchange rate was. I think £1= $1 is quite obviously a conversion?

(Jolin) #6

I agree that the text is also probably more verbose than it needs to be in this case, but the grey text is small enough that I think in principle it could wrap to a second line when needed. I have this same problem on an online purchase I made in €. It’s very frustrating to see the … and not have any way of discovering what text I can’t see!

(tom) #7

This is a bug - it’s fixed in the next release of the app