Grey payments

hi can somebody help ive got a payment showing in grey but theres no get paid early does anybody know when it will appear

I’m guessing it’s a payment showing as to be credited on Tuesday or ‘in 3 days’?

There’s a bug in the app which is showing it too early. You’ll see the ‘Get paid early’ function on Monday morning and you’ll be able to claim the payment on Monday after 4pm as normal.

It’s being discussed here too;

As David says, if it says ‘2 days from now’ then you won’t see the option to get paid early until 4PM on Monday.

We now process our own BACS files directly rather than via our partner, and so you’ll see them show up in the app that bit earlier :+1:t3:


So this isn’t a suspected bug - in fact it is an improvement?


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We had a bug last weekend where Get Paid Early thought it would work for payments two days away, but that’s resolve so you shouldn’t see the option for it anymore. BUT you should still see payments which are due in and out in two days time (over the weekend at least!)

It’s also the reason that you’ll now generally see upcoming Bacs payments appear around midnight, rather than 9am :heart_eyes:


That’s interesting, I’m sure someone from Monzo said last weekend that it was a bug.

In that case, there needs to be an improvement to the messages in app as there’s been at least 4 or 5 threads about it today.


Now I’m confused!

So if my bill is due on Tuesday, it showing now is an improvement from your end?

But if I’m due to be paid Tuesday (get paid early monday) then that should show, but not show get paid early yet?

I don’t see how the messaging could be any clearer on this. People just don’t read it.


They said the “Get paid really early!!” display was a bug and they didn’t know whether the earlier “2 days” display would stay or go, I think.

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Again, this isn’t my area of speciality but I like to do a lot of Slack stalking!

We used to receive our Bacs files through a third party and process them manually, but we now receive them directly and they’re automatically processed.

This meant you’d see direct debits and direct credits appear around 0930 the day before. Now we generally get them all processed around midnight the day before, so on a Friday we’ll receive instructions for both Monday and Tuesday, so you’ll be able to see them in the app together.

However a direct credit can still be recalled until 4PM the business day before it’s due. Therefore you can’t get a Tuesday credit paid early until Monday 4PM.

The bug was that the system was marking Tuesday payments as being available for paid early when they weren’t - not that they were showing up too early.


You’re right - we’ve had some discussions about whether actually displaying in the app so early is a bit confusing for people.

As far as I’m aware we’ve decided to keep it for now, but we might revisit it in the future depending on whether it’s useful or not.


Or maybe alter the messaging on these payments when you click on it to explain its still only available from 4pm the working day before and maybe an example, might cut down on the amount of “confused” people

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It said something along those lines when I got my HMRC repayment, I can’t remember the exactly wording though.

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This is one of the features I love about Monzo! It offers some peace of mind, and clarity on when exactly I can expect my direct debits to be taken, because they’re often not consistent and can often be several days to a week early or late. It’s definitely useful, and something I miss when using other banks.


I think the issue as I see it is that BACS items appearing in the feed have been tightly associated with the getting paid early facility. As such, seeing a credit in the feed earlier means people assume they can claim it earlier, when that is not the case.

TBH I think this is something Monzo should have sent an email about, or put in a notification in-app, to be fully clear and avoid these kind of questions.


On the flip side I’m seeing a direct debit due in 3 days time today greyed out in my feed.

You don’t see these getting brought up :wink:


It’s undeniably useful for direct debits; I don’t want Monzo to change unless it’s possible for earlier warnings. I liked the notifications you got for upcoming direct debits too, so I can make sure the money is there and ready.

I think the issue with incoming payments is, as mentioned above, the get paid early feature causing some confusion. Rather than making a blanket change to early payments that would effect both incoming and outgoing, I hope they just focus making the incoming ones a little less confusing and leave the outgoing ones alone.

It’s not that clear to be fair, this is mine, yeah it says Tuesday but we’ve already seen via this forum and people on Twitter not knowing what’s going on

I was only kidding :wink:

I still don’t see the confusion to be honest and I have one of these notices too. It doesn’t mention anywhere, anything about pay early. Just like normal, if you’re not eligible to claim it early it doesn’t show the box.

The only concern people should have is if it passes their payment date and their money hasn’t arrived.

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@Dave81 If that’s your salary/payment, what does the pay early bit look like on it?

Or is it not there at all?

If it’s the latter, it needs the note about coming back the day before at 4PM

It isn’t confusing to me either. But you and I understand a little better about how it works. My brother got excited on Thursday when he saw his wages appear a day earlier than usual, thinking he would be able to claim it, so I can understand why some people might be confused by it.