Greggs Thread

I’m interested to see what Greggs do when the 5% VAT rate comes into play - will this saving be passed on ?

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Love vegan sausage rolls

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Do they want Ed miliband back over greggs VAT again?

I’m not a Greggs customer (nothing against them they just don’t sell anything I want) but I wouldn’t have any issue with them keeping the difference for themselves. They have treated their employees so well throughout this entire situation and I think their current prices are pretty fair anyway. Personally I’d rather see businesses pocket the extra cash and use it to reduce store closures/redundancies.

If they pay it as a staff bonus fair dues but just pocketing it is what will happen.

I don’t believe so. The VAT cut is supposed to help businesses, and I don’t see how that happens if they pass it on and put themselves back in the same effective position as before the cut.

Cheaper prices incentivising more of the unsure customers to return and even spend more (“go on then, I can afford another sausage roll”)

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That’s the idea but I wouldn’t like to give odds on which business will go for which option (keep or pass on).

The steak/chicken bakes are quite nice. The only thing is the damn things take way too long to cook.

5/10 mins to warm up the oven and then 25 mins in the oven, about 30/35 mins overall. For a small pasty bake! A frozen pizza takes about 20 mins!

Kinda defeats the point of them being ‘fast food’

Can’t wait for daily mail article if they don’t pass it on.

I’d rather they give it as a staff bonus than pocket it, Greggs was doing fine before all of this and yes they did treat the staff well.

Small businesses fair enough but I thought it was a get people to buy more because the price is lower again.

My employer paid a 10% bonus for the lockdown work as they had extra profits and wanted to pass them on.

Drink and a slice deal up 15p in my local greggs

Oh no :rofl:

Should I buy Greggs shares

They actually increased in value by about 8% today after the announcement.

It was quite a positive announcement from an investment point of view. Papers are reporting they won’t make a profit, but that was pretty obvious and share prices already reflect that. The news is, probably not as bad as people thought and they are likely to bounce back quickly.

They’ll be OK, they’re on a roll.


I was definitely happy with the announcement. I bought a few shares almost two years ago so I am finally in plus again. Only losing 15% of revenue through a pandemic seems like a good outcome. Also not getting to 2019 levels of revenue in 2021 is not unexpected when we are starting the year off with a lockdown :smiley:

Oh no, you’ve done it, the threads been taken there. All or muffin now.

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Bought 1 greggs share

proud greggs shareholder checking in

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