Green Motion Car Hire

Wondering if anyone has any experience using them. All the reviews online are horrendous but hardly anyone posts reviews if they’re happy.

My experience with them can be summarised in one word: … who?

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I used them once from Stansted Airport, and a friend recently used them somewhere else.

My going perception seems to be that if you’re going to have a bad time with them, it’s going to be a really bad time.

Issues we had:

  • first off their locations aren’t at all convenient - I think it took like an hour get to them, sort the paper work, get out.
  • They are motivated, I understand, mostly on upselling their own insurance and add on packages - and I’ve seen plenty of videos of them online of showing slightly underhand practices to get people to buy it.
  • If you don’t buy the insurance, it’s highly likely they’ll find a chargeable fault at the return.

When we took a car out, there were the usual sort of light wispy marks in places - hard to see because it was dark, and also not what you’d readily call a scratch. If that makes sense.

When we returned it, they inspected the car with a light more powerful than 1,000 suns to look for damage. So of course they treat this mark as a ‘insurance worthy’ deep scratch. (literally would buff out with some polish).

Took a long time of arguing to not have that charged.

Since then, I’ve only ever booked a car with one of the big 3 players.

This article on the Guardian sums up some of the issues, and I think you can find videos on Youtube of some of the dodgy practices they have re sales of insurance and claims of damage.

I’m always put off by them as most of the excess insurance companies explicitly exclude them from being covered by their policies - can’t be a good thing!

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I’ve just booked them because it’s over half the price of the others - it’s a massive saving. My credit card (MasterCard World) has built in car rental protection but it’s still going to be a massive hassle having to claim it.

I’ve used them multiple times and other cheap car rental agencies around europe, middle east and America. No real issues with 30+ trips.

Generally service is pretty bad. Don’t fall for their up selling. Make sure you know your mileage allowance and where you can take the car, etc.

And biggest piece of advice, get excess insurance!! So cheap and so valuable. We use and I highly highly recommend them.

I watched this the other day about Green Motion which pretty much sums up that they pressure sell insurance, claim that you have damaged the car for marks already on it etc.

So I’ve had the hire now and am pleased to confirm the reviews are all correct - it’s exactly that bad.


Good to know, Im a regular hirer of cars and came across these folks… will avoid