Great IFTTT applets (non-Monzo)

Figured since we had a thread about all the cool things we are doing with the Monzo IFTTT integration, we should have one about all the other cool things we might have done using IFTTT!

I just enabled this one.


For those who may not know, the Pixel 2 and 3 and have a feature called “Now Playing” which identifies what song is playing and is always on. Basically, imagine Shazam, but without needing to be triggered manually.

So this cool applet automatically adds everything you hear into a Spotify playlist! New additions all the time, zero effort required. Excellent stuff.


It sounds cool, but I’m not sure if I’d like it to be on all the time. If you were listening to Spotify on your speakers your phone would be picking up every song you played? :thinking:

I don’t use IFTTT as much now, but I like this one.


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This has saved my life many times :joy: