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I need a Logo for my business :wink:

I have had a look at fiverr and another couple of places.

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What’s your budget. Depending how much time ect someone needs to work out what you want, it can cost a lot of labour hours.

I don’t like fiverr.

Not really sure what the actual costing would be to design one, as based on Fiverr I think they may be rather “cheap” but they are graphics :joy:

Going to say maybe £100, but open to negotiating :grinning:


I just made that one for you. Lets say £99?

Can change the colours or the thickness of the lines if you want but I think this style works pretty well.


Beat me…I can do something similar £98

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I can do it for £97

Welcome to fiverr :rofl:


I will let one slide as a fellow welshman :joy:

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I paid around £100 for mine from someone I know who does a lot of game design stuff.

Not to everyone’s tastes.

You need to look at people’s work and see if their designs catch your eye.

Just don’t ask me to try and draw the Welsh Dragon. That would take you way over budget!

my orginal reply awaiting moderation :joy:

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To be fair I was expecting from a fellow Welshman, as you mentioned a Dragon, Leek or Daffodil, but my favorite would have been a Taff entertaining Dolly :joy:

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At the agency I worked for we charged tens of thousands of pounds as it’s essentially a corporate identity. It goes on everything and it is the first thing that people see so it has got to be perfect.

Someone on fiver will just use a generator or stock image library. It will be so obvious to many and it will probably do you a disservice.

You won’t have any variations and no thought will have gone into how you would display it landscape vs portrait. How it would look on various coloured backgrounds, transparencies, various materials, digital, print or if it was tiny or blown up to the size of a building to name a few.

I’m not saying that you should spend £20k but you really do get what you pay for if you want it to look the part. Plus it’s something that you’re likely going to be stuck with for many years to come.

I’d search for a freelancer, look at their portfolio to see if they do a style you like and reach out to them. They will do all of this and more for a fraction of the cost.


You any good at creating them as you “worked” for an agency :wink:

When agencies create logos for big brands, it’s never just a logo. They think about the demographic that you’re targeting, your business strategy, you, fonts, colours, imagery, illustration, iconography, animation or motion theory, how you sound… the list goes on.

I even do this for my freelance clients now, as many wouldn’t know what to do with just a logo, and a logo wouldn’t just change how your company looks and feels, it’s everything that should change.

Just sayin’ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


No sorry, I worked for the agency as a developer not a designer. I had to be involved in the meetings for the website part of the logo design so that’s why it’s all drilled into my head :laughing:

The clients didn’t just get a graphic on a piece of paper, they got a thick in depth document that covered everything I and @robulation mentioned above on how it should be used in all circumstances and why it’s the way it is.


This is spot on - so much ‘brand energy’ goes into these.

As a slight aside, I do love massive rebrands - one of my faves was the Pepsi rebrand, which came with a 30 page pdf summarsing the design choices, with really great things like this:

Here, if anyone wants to read:


That’s crazy :rofl: but an interesting read nonetheless.

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If you like this sort of thing, you should check out Brand New (if you haven’t already).

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Amazing, I fear this is a deep rabbit hole I’m going to get lost in,.

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Oh, yes it is. There are years of archives if you’ve never been to the site before! :see_no_evil:

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