Granny on Monzo

So this just happened.

Granny is 92 and she has just received her Monzo card today.

Her main reasons for joining are:

  • I never shut up about it (no peer pressure involved at all - I swear)
  • She needs a easy way to manage her savings accounts (currently she’s getting < 0.6% interest across Santander and Newcastle Building Society) - she wants to move things over in to Monzo so she can manage her isas and savings all in one app.
  • She’s particularly interested in current account bonuses, e.g. interest. Granny’s committed to going full full Monzo if this feature comes. Currently she gets interest on up to £20000 in her current account without Santander!

Granny doesn’t use her iPhone, it sits in a cupboard dead. Instead she is the master of an iPad and is using the iOS app on it. It would be great to have an iPad app for granny’s!


This is amazing. Way to go, Granny Monzo! :monzo: :tada:



:hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart:


Thanks for sharing, Gareth!

We’d love to hear more about how your Gran gets on. If there’s anything we can do to get her set up, please let us know :smiley:


Good to see older people use it.

Glad to hear that ! My grandads in his 80s and has a few iphones and an ipad lol

I know this is an old thread, but mine signed up recently too.

She’s never had online banking before, and does everything via her card or a cheque. She’s struggling to find a way to get money into her account, as her pension gets paid to her Halifax account right now and I suspect it’d be difficult for her to find out how to change that.

She tried going in to Halifax and asked if they could do a bank transfer for her, and they refused. I’ve now asked her to try telephone banking but am unsure if she’ll have been setup on that. She doesn’t want ‘online’ banking, as she’s worried by the security of it all and doesn’t have a computer etc. but is more comfortable using an app on her phone for it.

Not sure if I should just encourage her to setup online banking at Halifax first, get her pension changed over or get her to post a cheque to Monzo from herself (which she seems comfortable with :woman_shrugging:t3:).

Never realised how many ‘barriers’ to banking older people could have.

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Just phone the pensions people and they’ll change the bank details

The answer might be here. She could write herself a cheque and post it to Monzo. It’s not ideal, but would work.

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