Got myself in a pickle, and an apology

(Zack Piper) #1

Hi all,

I was a bit silly and tried to open a current account with my DoB 2 years in the past. First of all, I am very sorry for doing this, as I understand I breached the terms and conditions of Monzo. I was wondering how to proceed; I think(?) that a card has already been made, and I am very sorry for the wasted resources. But obviously, I cannot use a card with an incorrect DoB as I would not want Monzo to get in trouble or anything like that. I’m aware that Monzo plans to have accounts for under 18’s, but I was impatient, sorry.

How do I proceed from here? I guess the card needs to be destroyed.


(Josh Bray) #2

This isn’t the place to discuss this. Please contact in app support regarding this.
I’m sure they’ll be able to sort it out.
Don’t worry we understand the excitement to get an account

(Rika Raybould) #3

Hey, I’ve flagged this post up with the Monzo team.

You are correct in that Monzo is not currently permitted to open full accounts for under-18s. You would have been caught a bit later and be in serious trouble if you attempted to pass the later ID checks with false information.

For now, your Monzo account will almost certainly have to be closed, I’ve asked that the team be as nice as possible in doing this as you did come clean here. :slight_smile:

Feel free to stick around on the community though! :heart:

(Zack Piper) #4


I would have if I could get to the in-app support! This was a last resort, sorry.


(Zack Piper) #5

Hi Richard,

Thank you so much! I didn’t want to post this here initially but I’m not able to go to the in-app support.

I saw that under-18 accounts are in the works (or planned) and will absolutely stick around! I didn’t top up the account yet. Thank you once again. :slight_smile:


One more thing; yeah I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble at all so I came clean, wasn’t a good idea in the first place (faking my age) :slight_smile:

(Karolina) #6

Hey :wave: Thanks so much for coming clean - we really appreciate it! :pray: I’ve just reached out to you in the app to get this sorted!

(Josh Bray) #7

Don’t worry about it I’m sure you’ll get it sorted.
In the meantime it would be worth dropping an email to and they be able to help.

But as @RichardR said. Stick around here :grin:

(Zack Piper) #8

Hi all!

I’m now 18 :smile:

I’m just going to wait until tomorrow, but it appears the app checks for ages greater than 18 years (i.e. 18 years and 1 day). Trying to put my date of birth in (today) and it says I’m not 18 :wink: obviously a very minor thing but still.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Thanks for forgiving me for my initial messup.


( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #9

lol kudos for your determination to join Monzo :slight_smile:

(Only available in amateur ) #10

Happy birthday Zack :balloon: :birthday:

(Simon B) #11

Welcome back, Zack! (legally this time!)

And Happy Birthday! :tada:

(Josh Price) #12

Happy Birthday Zak! :cake: :tada:

(Zack Piper) #13

Thanks everyone!!

(Eve) #14

Happy birthday! :tada: Admire your determination to get an account, and welcome :joy::raised_hands:t3:

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Happy Birthday dude!

(Jack) #16

Happy Birthday, welcome back to Monzo :clap:t2::credit_card::balloon:


Welcome! Happy Birthday !!

He should get a hot coral birthday cake, it’s the in thing now !!


Hot coral birthday cake sounds awesome right now!


When I was 16 I did the same thing to get a 3 mobile phone contract - I don’t think the ‘checks’ they did were as stringent as they are now so I had that for 2 years. Still comes up on my credit file with the wrong DoB :confused:


Do the crime pay the time!

(Sorry don’t mean that just made myself chucke) (this was @TTJJ not op!)