Got laid off - will my Monzo benefits remain?

Currently a Monzo Plus subscriber - My workplace are “naturally” ending my contract at the end of March - my question is, If I am unable to get a new job before that happens, Will the benefits stop (larger ATM withdrawal allowance) etc as soon as Monzo are aware my weekly salary is no longer going in?

Probably yes, but it’s worth dropping them a message and explain to them. They might be able to work something out with you.


Not if you’re a Plus subscriber, I think. The tiers are only for the free account.

(I might be wrong, this isn’t as clear as it should be, is it?)


I’ll pop them over a message, thanks guys :slight_smile:

I think you still need to hit the £500pm and at least 1 direct debit.

I’m Premium and this still comes up.


For higher allowances you’d need the following:

  1. Pay in £500 every 35 days to your Monzo account AND have an active direct debit.

  2. Student loan paid in every 8 month / pension paid in from DWP or Department for Communities / have universal credit/benefits paid into account / have a joint account and the other person meets the above in any form. (There’s no minimum for these, unlike point 1)

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I guess they’ll stop then, it seems like it. It’s not like I use them, but I was interested. I do hope I can secure another role before my end date as being unemployed sucks

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:

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You’re fine if you still have plus.

These fees aren’t likely to affect you if you’re relying on Monzo for more of your banking, or if you have Monzo Plus


Helpful, I stand corrected :sweat_smile:


Good luck on the job hunt!


Thank you

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Or if you get benefits paid into your Monzo account.

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Sorry you’ve been laid off.

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