Google Stadia 🎮

I think I am only missing around £7.50 for a game that has been refunded to the old CC, never got a declined refund email for that one. :man_shrugging:

Holy :poo: - the Holy Grail of controllers is upon us:

If they go ahead with this self-serve update to activate Bluetooth on the Stadia controller, the FamW will be proper-chuffed as (a) we all think the Stadia controller is the dogs (b) our Xbox controllers are so far down the stick-drift line it’s bin time.


Interesting, I have a Stadia controller in a box. Would be cool to try it with the Switch. Save me buying more Joy Cons.

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I was planning to throw away my Stadia controller as I’m having a clear out. I may keep it now.

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I tried to put some low offers for one on eBay (no luck and people have them on for quite a lot of money considering until now they were useless and everyone has had full refunds). Looks like a good controller for mac/ iOS. Been doing ps remote play and it would work well for that.

Although there’s a lot of chancers the sale history shows them going for about £7-£10, a little more if they still have the chromecast ultra with them. Still too much prior to this announcement, IMO.

Right… Before I turn Bluetooth mode on, and possibly brick the controller for Stadia use, it’s time for one last blast on Cyberpunk 2077. Here we go!


What are you playing that on?

A Chrome instance on a Thinkpad X1 Carbon Nano. Runs much better on Stadia than it does locally. Ironic really.

The tool for enabling Bluetooth is available now but has to be done before the end of 2023:

Just make sure you have a USB-C cable which supports data and you are using Chrome.

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It’s not quite that straightforward.

The Chrome-based validation tool isn’t robust. The different controller types confuse it.

Got a White (normal) controller? - You’re good, it’ll work as instructed
Got a Wasabi Controller or a Founders Edition (Dark Blue)? - Then you need to ignore the validation tool and go into bootloader mode. Had me tearing my hair out until I realised each controller ‘colour’ is identified - and the big G hasn’t (yet) realised this.

Spent hours today trying to get the FE controller to switch, whereas my White controller switched on the first attempt.

Anyway, all Bluetoothed up now and the controllers live on.

RIP Stadia :cry:

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My founder’s edition controller worked fine with the tool?

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I went through quite the experience to flash Bluetooth access to my FE controller. Good to know it’s not a widespread thing - maybe the tool has been updated? I can’t verify this until tomorrow as I’m overseas at the mo.

Probably updated I guess :slightly_smiling_face:
Only thing is I had to charge my controllers for ages as they hadn’t been used in like a year…

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Last week I was able to enable Bluetooth on both of my controllers, one white and the other wasabi, without any issues at all. Very straightforward to get them to pair with my Pixel 6