Google Stadia (Game Streaming Platform)

Yeah. I’m trying to be realistic, it’s not going to be on par performance wise with local gaming, but as long as it gives a good enough experience I will be delighted. And if it’s good enough for that, then it should be around to stay and improve further.

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If it is successful --I mean successful enough that Google isn’t likely to can it when it’s no longer flavour of the month, perhaps. Until then, I’d rather buy games on Steam or GOG. :smirk:

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I’ve pre-ordered it and I keep switching between I’m going to keep it or cancel it.
I have fast fibre optic and a free Ethernet port so not worried on that front, the controller looks really nice and ergonomic and the selection of games is growing nicely. I even keep hearing positive things about the low latency.
My biggest issue is my collection of PS4 games and Plus subscription. Do I really need another ecosystem to grow my collection on? The lack of physical on Stadia doesn’t worry me too much as I’m mainly buying digital on PS4 now anyway for the convenience.

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I’ve taken a look at Stadia a little closer recently, and while I think some of the benefits are great (play games on any device etc.) I can’t help but think about the whole latency issues (input lag being the main one).

With a decent connection, I’m sure this won’t be an issue but sometimes there can be little hiccups throughout the day with internet connections, and I can’t help but think if I’m playing an FPS game, and suddenly input lag hits me at a crucial moment, that would tarnish the whole experience for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea and am definetly interested in the founders edition, but I think I’m more likely to ride it out and see actual reviews of consumers using it to see if it’s as decent as they promise.

Also, the whole subscription model they have seems to be a little off? Current £8.99 p/m, with that really only giving one free game a month, with the potential for discounts on other selected games? That doesn’t seem too appealing to me… Xbox’s Game Pass for example offers a lot more content for roughly the same price, so unless Stadia reform this model or introduce a bunch of AAA exclusives (that don’t include pay-to-win), then I’d consider this again!

Fair points, i am still getting it though and if i am not overly impressed, i will downgrade to Stadia Base which will still allow me to play any games i have purchased up to 1080p free of any monthly subscription. But from the report videos from Gamescon and PAX recently it seem latency is not that much of an issue.

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Not exactly a fair comparison as you are more renting hardware with Stadia to play the games. XBox Game Pass is a subscription service to a catalogue of games, you have to go to it with your own hardware powerful enough to run the games. Stadia’s selling point is that if it runs a chrome browser you can access Stadia to play your games.

So it’s a common misunderstanding with Stadia. It’s a subscription to a hardware platform to play games, not a subscription to a catalogue of games. Google are sweetening the pot so to speak with a free game a month, though details of all that are still thin on the ground. So more renting an XBox to play games on, rather than a games rental service which you play in your own XBox.

Except the Xbox is at the other end of an internet connection and you have latency and input lag to deal with

I realise you’re essentially renting hardware but are Google doing a per month package where you can play any game they have access to as well?
That I’d be interested in as a complete package.

Very true, it’s a problem they will have to overcome.

From all they have been saying I doubt it, they shy away from the ‘netflix of gaming’ comparisons. I think they are just wanting to nail the service.

Next year they say you can use your Ubisoft Plus subscription with their service, so you can play the games you get via that subscription, so they are doing it via 3rd parties, but not themselves. Beyond the “free game a month” thing they say, however that will look.