Google sheets login not working

Google sheets login not working on iOS when trying to set up auto-export.

Before it even lets me click sign in it says the connection has failed.

Just been offered a 32 day trial of Plus but the one feature I wanted to try - Google exports does not work. Same error as you. Latest version on iOS.

It’s probably the most useful feature the bank offers but unfortunately they don’t seem to care about it very much. It’s the only reason I switched to Monzo so that I could see how much money is left over after all expenses down to the penny updated live.

My sheet stopped updating today. This is the third time this has happened and they obviously haven’t fixed the issue.

It’s working fine.

Everytime you post this, someone tells you how to fix it and you just seem to ignore it, wait a while and complain again.

Add more rows to your sheet. Problem solved.

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Did you manage to resolve this? I have the same issue.