Google Sheets Export - Improvements Please

My love of this feature is no secret. It’s the No1 reason I subscribe to Plus. I have my own dashboard, I made a template for others to use and it’s given me a much better grip on my finances. I track all sorts of things and know down to the penny where I’m spending, on what and when. Perfect!

But there’s a few problems, one minor that’s been there all along and now two new ones. If these could be fixed/amended/implemented I would be eternally grateful.

  1. Virtual Card from a Pot

This doesn’t appear on the sheet at all. It’s like it didn’t happen. I have a Bills Bills Bills Pot that is now over-reading by £2.49 because my Apple subscription came out on my virtual card from this pot. I’ve manually corrected this for now, but if I wanted to manually add transactions I’d be using pen, paper and an abacus.

I want to be able to track what I spend and if they don’t appear on the sheet, I have absolutely no idea. This is something I’ve wanted for a while and now it doesn’t play nicely with another Plus feature so I’ve had to go back to my IFTTT bodge.

  1. Flex

Love this idea. I want to make a sheet that shows my current Flex plans, payments so far, payments to come, how much I owe in total, how much I’ve paid, any interest etc etc etc. But I’m struggling to get it from the sheet because of how the transactions are done.

This from @RichardL shows it…

Line 2 and 3, having Flex for the payment type is perfect, could they also copy the merchant name? Or have some sort of identifier as to what Flex plan you’re paying with these payments? I could probably create a workaround for the first one like this. But when the next line is just “Flex - Shopping - £123” it’s going to be difficult to tie that back, especially if you end up with more payments of the same amount.

  1. Monzo Plus/Interest


Why don’t these have a name? Monzo Plus/Monzo Plus Interest?

I have to remember to manually rename these every month as otherwise they don’t appear and it breaks the flow, but everything else has a name?

I think that’s it for now :smiley:

I don’t really use the exports feature but have voted because the Plus/Premium features should all work together


Same as Addzy.

Whilst I am not at all as organised as you are, I am 100% with you on all of the above.

Features should be complete :slight_smile:

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Needless to say, you get my vote on this one @Revels

I haven’t really worked out the best way to fix this yet, but mine is now £1.45 out too after falling for the trap of using a virtual card to pay.

I really hope someone from the team is looking at the impact these new features are having on the Sheets export.

There was this comment the other day, so I’m hopeful.

If we’re paying for Plus/Premium features, they should absolutely play nice with any new Plus/Premium features that launch at a later date.

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