Google Play refund issue

So today I noticed that Google play had been taking money out my account, so I decided I would report the transactions to monzo at first they were really helpful put a dispute in and refunded me the money, now after going over my case they decided I had authorized the transactions and wanted the refund back at no point did they ask me if I had proof it wasnt me (which I did my card wasnt registered to my Google play account) so since then I have been in a battle to try and get my refund back there saying there is nothing they can do and for me to go through Google which I did and Google told me to go through my bank I even spoke to a solicitor who deals with these sort of problems and they told me I was entitled to a refund and yet monzo are still telling me they wont give me a refund even after I sent them proof it wasnt me i asked to speak to disputes team refused to speak to them i asked to speak to manager again refused to be allowed to speak to them all they keep saying is there is nothing they can do for me i have lost 654 pounds and yet they wont refund me i have sent evidence sent proof the they legally have to refund me and yet they still wont

I would say stay clear of monzo there useless in a refund situation stick with a bank you can go into and trust

This isn’t an issue that can be discussed/resolved on the forum, unfortunately since it relates directly to your account. Continuing to talk to Monzo directy is all you can do.