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Same for me. The watch was “free” but I wouldn’t have paid for just the phone at its RRP. Especially at launch. Getting the watch included softened the blow.

In terms of using it was an alarm, I have sound on but the vibration helps too. If you have notifications on (including vibrate) then I don’t think it would take too long to get used to the alarm vibration either. Took me just a couple of days to adjust.
The fact alarms/timers sync between your phone and watch (incluing snoozing) also helps.

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I bought my Pixel Watch 2 on sale and I am a big fan. I used to have a Fitbit Charge years ago so it’s nice to be back in that ecosystem. Fitbit still is great for tracking workouts and sleep. I also find the “body responses” to log stress/moods quite insightful.

No issues with it for me at this point! Battery life is great too!

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Sweet, the Fitbit aspect appeals to me. I haven’t had a fitness tracker since the days of the Jawbone ones. I used to be a lot fitter back then. So it was a source of pride/smugness how low my resting heart rate was. :rofl: Hopefully having the PW2 will spur me on to get back to that.

I have a Nest Hub 2 for sleep tracking and that has been a revelation. It’s motivated me to be better with my sleep hygiene and helped me realise I was always tired because I was burning the candle at both ends!

Quick question for the Pixel Watch people… I’ve read the screen is prone to getting scratched.

How much of an issue is this? The main situation where I can see scratches perhaps being an issue is when I’m in the tissue culture hoods at work. with my other watch I occasionally have hit it on the glass as I’m quickly pulling my hand of the hood to throw something in the waste…

It’s always at the back of my mind, but I haven’t scratched mine yet (knock on wood). I’ll take it off and put it somewhere safe if I’m doing an activity where I think I’m likely to knock it against something. And I’ll make sure my shirt/sweater sleeves are down and covering when I’ve got an outside coat on. Also clean it gently every so often with a microwave cloth to lessen the chances of dirt/grit building up and getting rubbed against it.

But that said, I fully expect at some point or other, it will pick up a scuff or two. Such is the way of things that actually get used instead of being preserved in a museum.

It might be possible to get a case for it - IIRC when I looked most manufacturers hadn’t made a new case for the Pixel 2 yet, maybe that’s changed now. Also I think I was a little worried about how a case might affect the form factor or usability of the watch.

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Doesn’t the battery explode? Also, I didn’t know miniature portable microwave technology had been invented!


So probably not something I need to lose sleep over :joy:

I am mortified that not only did I do such a bad job at swiping ‘microfibre’ on my phone keyboard, I didn’t even notice it. :man_facepalming: Should’ve gone to Specsavers. :eyeglasses:

Don’t have a Pixel Watch, but my Apple Watch very quickly got pretty badly scratched and it’s very visible when the screen is off.

Guessing this will happen when it’s not a sapphire screen.

Do Pixel watches support something similar to Apples Express Mode when on public transport so you don’t have to do anything to pay?

Nope. You need to double press the crown to open Google Wallet and then tap the watch on the terminal.

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Decided to upgrade the band on my PW2… Went for the Google Metal links band rather than an Amazon special. The silicone band started to feel itchy when I sweat.




Nice again:


Google Store is having a sale at the moment

Save 15% sitewide with code EARLYSPRINGDEALS at check-out. Exclusions apply.‡ Additional savings on selected products.§ Offer valid between 01.03.24 - 02.03.24.

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Tap that update button, the March feature drop is out.


Tap that update button, the June feature drop is out. :grinning:


Finding the Google home tile on the pixel watch a little underwhelming :face_with_monocle:

The Google home functionality on the watch is a bit meh imo. But then I guess the small screen isn’t really suited to it anyway

Some cashback deals cropped up in the Lloyds app.

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There’s some impressive discounts at the moment, until the 2nd July.

Amex also have a £100 offer, which can be combined with other cashback sites.


Even the 8% cashback would not make me get a Ring. Even if it was 50% iff