Google Pixel 6

Anyone else come across an issue when renaming cards in Google wallet?

Mine doesn’t allow. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’ve got the same issue. Keep trying to rename my flex and joint cards and it’s failing.

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I loved my Nexus 5 and 6, the 6 was a hefty phone and at the time is was huge.

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Try renaming from here

Go on payment methods and there will be an edit option which will allow you to rename.

Should reflect the changes in Google Wallet

My joint and flex card don’t appear on this link, I assume because they’re only used for contactless on my phone and not to pay any Google services.

Those cards are for what I’ve used online, not all from Google Wallet. I’m 3 short on the link you sent. I’ll try though.

Interestingly, the ones that were in that list, were able to be changed, those that aren’t give an error message.

How do I add those other cards to the same list?

Just add them as I would normally via the web? But some already in the list I’ve only used by Wallet.

Odd behaviour :sweat_smile:

Edit edit:

Worked out my own question.

The ones I’ve added through their native apps won’t show on the web version, thus can’t change the nickname.

Those I’ve added from entering the details or scanning the card instead, have added to both web and wallet, meaning those can be changed.