Google Pixel 6

Smart lock is a base feature… no reason why it wouldn’t be there. I can do it from my 2015 huawei watch… That said with the fingerprint it doesn’t really save any steps. Push the fingerprint, push the padlock… same difference.

There’s also on-body detection but I’ve never trusted it enough to switch it on.

Every android phone has that.

I use a Bixby routine so if I am on a certain WiFi network it has no pin or anything. Soon as I leave that network, it auto comes on. Also turn off mobile data if at home, dims the screen etc.

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But is the finger print to swipe unlock seamless? 99% of unlocks are just a tap and then swipe up. So quick :sweat_smile:


Just tap (well, push… it takes a fraction of a second to scan the fingerprint… but the padlock icon behaves the same for some reason even though it’s not scanning so again same difference). Completely seamless.

No swiping needed… you’d likely confuse yourself if you tried as that brings up the passcode screen…

I’ll wait and see what the pixel 7 tells us :sweat_smile::crossed_fingers:t3:

I’d get £600 trade in via google for my iPhone 12 Pro Max, meaning the pixel 6 pro would cost me £249.

Sell my Apple Watch series 6 GPS around £200.

Pods £60.

Free pixel 6 pro.

Though probably get more selling it all together via Facebook or something.

Or cheaper to upgrade and then cancel via O2.


Looks more appealing for a 6 Pro for essentially £75 for trading in my iPhone :sweat_smile:

If I was trading my 13PM for a P7P I’d want to be paid.

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Don’t think taking pictures of cats and food will really be a noticeable difference :joy:

Another £100 on that trade in

Mines a 12 pro max edit: unless you meant previous comment t :sweat_smile:

Pretty good price. But honestly I love this bloody brick.

Best phone I’ve had in ages, and not just because the newest is always the best.

Sorry, saw the last comment and thought @ravipatel was talking about the same model

I do agree about trading in though, the hassle/risk selling privately isn’t worth it for me.

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Got decent money trading in an iphone 13… not as much as I’d paid for it, but… them’s the breaks.

I hear of too many scams to risk selling privately.

What phone did you go for? Pixel? :eyes:

Pixel 6. Didn’t really have need for the Pro.

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My film screen protector was starting to come away from the screen, so thought it’s time to invest in something a bit better. I’d only ever bought it to be a temporary one until a tempered glass one became available which would actually work with the in-screen finger print reader.

So I’ve bought this beast

Bit of a more involved installation then anything I’ve put on a phone before, but highly worth it. It doesn’t cover the curved part of the screen at the edges which is a bonus, as it leaves room for a case to fit without compromising the screen protector